Zinc (Zn) is an essential trace mineral that is required in the horse’s diet to support the proper function of many enzymes and proteins. It is involved in antioxidant protection, immune function, protein synthesis, and cellular communication.

Zinc is also important for proper bone development in foals and supports healthy hooves and skin. It is critical for reproductive health and supports normal growth and tissue health.

Zinc is commonly fed to horses that are easy keepers or horses with metabolic issues. Zinc can support healthy blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity and boosting antioxidant status which might be lacking in horses with EMS.

It is important to balance levels of copper, iron, and zinc in your horse’s feeding program. High iron can interfere with copper and zinc absorption from the gut, causing your horse to develop signs of deficiency even if these minerals are fed at adequate rates.

Wheat bran, wheat middlings and brewer’s grains are good sources of zinc in the equine diet. Most forages are low in zinc, particularly if they are grown in areas with low levels of this mineral in the soil. Horses that are on forage-only diets are likely to require supplementation.

Mad Barn’s Omneity mineral and vitamin supplement provides zinc in a balanced formula designed to meet the core nutritional needs of the majority of horses. You will also find zinc in our AminoTrace+ mineral and vitamin formulated specifically for metabolic horses.

We also carry bulk Bioplex Zinc powder and a 3:1 Zinc Copper supplement in the recommended ratio for these minerals.

The feeding rate for zinc depends on your horse’s individual requirements and current diet. To determine the appropriate supplementation rate for your horse, submit your horse’s diet for analysis and one of our nutritionists will provide a complementary review.


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