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Has your horse gained a few pounds recently? Or maybe they’ve struggled to maintain their weight? Now is the perfect time to learn how to body condition score your horse so that you can make informed decisions about their diet and management moving into Spring!

Body condition scoring is a standardized method of assessing a horse’s subcutaneous adipose tissue, or fat.

While body weight can be a helpful metric in monitoring your horse’s condition, it doesn’t necessarily tell you how much of that weight is actually stored fat. For example, a 14.2 hh pony that weighs 900 lb will have a wildly different body fat content than a 16.2 hh Thoroughbred weighing the same!

This is where body condition scoring comes in to provide an objective assessment of fat deposition.

The current method of body condition scoring was developed in the 1980s through research conducted by Dr. Ron Henneke.

Veterinarians and horse owners use the Henneke scale to body condition score horses. This 9-point grading scale assesses fat deposition in six key areas- along the neck or crest, along the withers, behind the shoulder, over the ribs, over the rump, and at the trailhead.

A 5 out of 9 body condition score (BCS) is considered ideal for most horses and ponies. Horses that score below a 5 are considered underweight, while horses that score above a 5 are considered overweight. There is an example of each body condition score in today’s presentation to help you visualize what the different scores look like.

Tune in to Dr. Rowe’s presentation on body condition scoring your horse!

Henneke Body Condition Scoring Rubric Print-Out 👉 https://madbarn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Body-Condition-Scoring-Worksheet.pdf

Learn more about body condition scoring in horses 👉 https://madbarn.com/body-condition-scoring-your-horse/

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