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Benefits of Exercise for Horses - Mad Barn - Vet Talk
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Do horses need exercise every day?

This might seem like a simple question, but it is a really important factor for horse owners to consider when it comes to equine management.

Horses evolved to be continuously on the move. It is estimated that wild horses will cover 11 miles per day in search of food and water.

Domestic horses move around much less compared to their wild counterparts due to modern management practices. In general, domestic horses have less turnout space and spend more time confined to a stall. Even for those domestic horses turned out to a large field (40+ acres), they still average less than 5 miles per day.

This stark difference highlights the importance of regular, structured exercise for domestic horses.

Exercise benefits the whole body (and the mind), improving the health, wellness, and longevity of our equine companions. Additionally, it’s not surprising that exercise also contributes to optimal performance in our equine athletes.

Join Dr. Fran Rowe, one of Mad Barn’s Veterinary Nutritionists, to learn more about the benefits of exercise for horses! Dr. Rowe will discuss the different body systems positively impacted by regular exercise, including the cardiorespiratory, neuromuscular, and digestive systems.

When regular exercise isn’t feasible, does turnout suffice? Tune in to find out more!

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