Mad Barn - Crazy Good Horse Nutrition | Mad Barn CanadaThe new entity that is Mad Barn Inc. is only new in name. We have been in business as Equine Nutrition Consulting for over 10 years, but you might be more familiar with the product names we sell: Phatman Performance Formula’s.

The beginning of the company rests solely on the shoulders of the original product: Phatman Equine Mineral and Vitamin Premix. Maybe in a later blog I will tell the story of where that name came from, oh heck, that story isn’t really worthy of its own blog posting, so here it is:

Phatman originated from a nickname my friend gave me in University; Phatty. Over a beer we decided that would be a good/funny name for the products – she’s still requesting royalties for coming up with the name. Unfortunately, the name has probably done more harm than good, causing some to think it will make their horse fat or simply scaring them away from the product.

Although no one has questioned my skill as a nutritionist (that I know of), apparently my marketing acumen is severely lacking. And that brings us to where we are today. Realizing my deficiencies in marketing, I deferred to the experts at Brand Anarchy and decided to re-brand the company as Mad Barn Inc.

We also, changed the name of the products. Never fear, we have not altered the formulas or ingredients in the original Phatman Performance Formula, simply renamed it: Omneity – Equine Mineral and Vitamin Premix.

While some might argue, including my good friends at Brand Anarchy, the name ‘Omneity’ isn’t much of an improvement, I felt like it retained some of the quirkiness of the original name, without the negative associations of the name ‘Phatman’.

I settled on the name ‘Omneity’ because it means: ‘the state of being all comprehensive’. And that is exactly what the product is intended to be, a comprehensive mineral and vitamin premix for horses.

I did not start out with the intent to sell equine nutrition products, instead formulated the mineral and vitamin premix because I wanted the best nutrition for my own horses. It wasn’t that there was a shortage of options in the market place, but it seemed that the well formulated products were prohibitively expensive or used ingredients I did not want to feed.

It was also difficult to find a complete mineral and vitamin premix. The myriad of supplements on the market are often formulated to target an ailment and therefore would have very high levels of a few nutrients and be completely devoid of others, which simply creates imbalances in the diet and leads to other issues.

The solution, formulate my own completely balanced mineral and vitamin premix. Seeing the improvement in condition and performance of the horses in my care, naturally, people asked what I was feeding. They started purchasing my formula and from there a business was born.

I want to thank all those that have supported me through the years and look forward to the journey ahead. I hope that you find the new website a great resource for all things relating to equine nutrition and come back to visit us often.