Taylor Isabella Clavet

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Taylor Isabella Clavet
Taylor Isabella Clavet
New Brunswick
March 29, 2021
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I just want to thank the mad barn team for providing an outstanding product line and customer service! I’ve tried every kind of supplement and feed available to me in New Brunswick, and none compare to Mad Barn. My 7 year old gelding had a pot belly/hay belly, wasn’t very active and had terrible feet with subclinical low grade laminitis for years. I’ve worked tirelessly to try to get his diet on track and his feet sorted out with no luck- until I found Mad Barn products. I’ve been feeding Amino Trace + for exactly one month, and the results speak for themselves. With no change in feed or exercise, his hay belly is completely gone, he is much more energetic, and he is shedding out wonderfully. He also has had a signature “grumpy face” since he was a yearling, and since starting Amino Trace +, he is alert, curious, and overall a lot friendlier than he’s ever been. I am excited to start my older mare on multiple supplements to help her joints, coat, weight and behavior, as well as start my gelding on Probiotics to help his intermittent diarrhea. Thank you so much for everything you have provided for us!


Taylor Isabella Clavet

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Mad Barn AminoTrace+ Pellets
Specifically formulated for the ECIR group. When a custom formula is not possible or practical, AminoTrace+ is an excellent choice to balance your IR/Cushing's/PPID equine companions diet.

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