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Kimberley Dawn
September 3, 2016

I finally found a more reasonable vitamin supplement that carried what Summer needed. They offer organic selenium and many other minerals. I have to share my experience:

I called and Spoke with Scott the owner, who has a Masters of science in Nutrition and 10 plus years experience. He was very forth coming that they add in synthetic vitamin e to their supplements to help with cost but offer extra organic vitamin e as customers in Ontario ask for it. He had great advice on mowing hay in the morning vs night for a pssm horse etc. We discussed extra organic vitamin e and he said he would make me up some with a little flavour etc. I ordered the regular supplements while I waited on a quote for the organic e.

Well Today I got the vitamins in the mail, with my organic vitamin e. He sent it to me, to get summers levels where they needed to be and then explained after it was gone, the new supplements he made for summer will keep her where she needs to be. So impressed. There was no hidden labels, no “false advertising” iHe just wanted to see her get better. That is what every needs for a supplement supplier. Thank you so much!!!



My little pssm horse is doing so much better since her switch to madbarn vitamins, her selenium and vitamin e levels are back to normal and I am starting to see muscle regrowth. Thank you so much, putting in my second order today!

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