Kelly Allen

/Kelly Allen
W-3 Oil Before and After for Weight Gain
Kelly Allen
Owner of horses for over 50 years
Merritt BC Canada
June 7, 2021
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w-3 Oil

I started feeding Mad Barn vitamin E and W-3 Oil for my 17 year old stallion last year and it made a real different in Breeding season. This last year I bought a foal over the internet with great breeding for working cow horse was super excited to go out to Alberta and pick him up at 6 months old only to get there and see he was in horrible shape. We put him in the trailer and headed home to BC. The foal was so weak he curled up in the deep sawdust in the trailer and sleep the 8 hours home. I called my vet right away and he came out and did bloodwork. His Blood-work came back that he was anemic, he was also infested with worms. We started him on VitB 12 shots, safeguard wormer 5 days in a row and added W-3 Oil and Vit E from Mad Barn to his grain and here he is in the pictures the day I got him and then 6 months later.

W-3 Oil Before and After Weight Gain Supplement

W-3 Oil Before and After for Weight Gain

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w-3 Oil & Essential Fatty Acid Supplement
W-3 Oil Energy supplement is designed as an energy and essential fatty supplement to support cardiovascular function, skin, joint health and weight maintenance.

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W-3 Oil Before and After for Weight Gain
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