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Justina Tomkiewych
Justina Tomkiewych
Alberta, Canada
July 28, 2021
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Peanut has had a history of having poor hoof condition since I purchased him as a 4 year old, 5 years ago. This horse has been on a strict 5-6 week trimming schedule (at one point it was every 3-4) weeks to try and combat the continuous flaring and cracking. By the time 5 or 6 weeks rolled around his feet looked completely neglected… talk about frustrating!

In the spring I decided to pull some blood work and a mineral panel. After finding out he was deficient in multiple minerals, Delaneys advised to put Peanut on Mad Barn Mineral- Amino Trace; this would balance the minerals he was lacking. (Just an FYI, the horses were on Hoffman’s free choice mineral prior to this).

Like myself, if your not knowledgeable on how mineral deficiency can significantly affect the body, I highly recommend to educate yourself. It’s one of those things you may think is so minimal, but it can really result in severe negative effects.

Multiple folks told me the only way to resolve the cracking and flaring was to shoe him. This would have been a temporary fix or would band aid the issue I’m sure, but my question was WHY his feet were like this…as there’s always a reason.

As frustrating as this journey has been, here I am 3 months into using Mad Barn Mineral-amino trace supplemented to Peanut faithfully on a daily basis. In the long run I know this has turned into an extremely cheap solution. See below for an incredible transformation in such a short amount of time! (No I’m not a distributor for the company).

I’m hopeful this post can help the next person trouble shoot a long term issue they have had a hard time resolving.

September 2020- 6 weeks post trim
June 2021- approx 2 months on MB mineral
July 2021- approx 3 months on MB mineral

Justina Tomkiewych

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Mad Barn AminoTrace+ Pellets
Specifically formulated for the ECIR group. When a custom formula is not possible or practical, AminoTrace+ is an excellent choice to balance your IR/Cushing's/PPID equine companions diet.

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