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Heather Lizotte
Coldwater Ontario
October 23, 2018
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Good afternoon,

I just wanted to share with you my experience with your product.
In the spring I purchased a very well bred lovely paint mare. Being a show horse she has been campaigned and hauled. Two weeks after brining her home we noticed that she was uncomfortable and her stomach was all tight. I believe she had been on a supplement at the show barn I bought her from and the added stress of a new strange environment had her upset. We suspected ulcers as is common with show horses. I went to my local tack store and asked what they suggested. Your visceral + product was the choice. It was one of the most expensive products on the shelf but if it worked and made Tilly comfortable that was fine. Within 2 days there was a drastic improvement of my mares condition. I could tell if her dose had been missed based on the consistency of Tilly manure and her general attitude. Your product was working so well for my mare the barn owner put their stallion on it and his transformation has been striking. I’m happy to report that after 5 months Tilly is not showing signs of ulcers. A combination of turnout excellent nutrition visceral + and a more relaxed lifestyle seems to have allowed them to heal. I am confident that your product was a key component in this success. I have a happy healthy relaxed show horse.

Thank you for this product.

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Mad Barn Visceral+
Don't let ulcers affect your horses performance and well being. Get Visceral+! To maintain stomach and hindgut health. Supports the function of the immune system

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