Danielle De Hondt

/Danielle De Hondt
Danielle De Hondt
October 3, 2018
Products Used:
Visceral+w-3 Oil

I can really say after following Julie Vigneault ‘s suggestion and Catherine Vigneault with thanks to Mad Barn Visveral and oil for Shakira’s Potomac bacterial infection was catastrophic on the stomack and all digestives system…
The improvement and protection against the antibiotic and bacterial attact was amazing recovery.
That is the greatest product one can use for the needed horses.

Recommended Products:

Mad Barn Visceral+
Don't let ulcers affect your horses performance and well being. Get Visceral+! To maintain stomach and hindgut health. Supports the function of the immune system
w-3 Oil & Essential Fatty Acid Supplement
W-3 Oil Energy supplement is designed as an energy and essential fatty supplement to support cardiovascular function, skin, joint health and weight maintenance.

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