Britney Hensman

/Britney Hensman
Britney Hensman
June 27, 2017
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Optimum Digestive Health

I ordered the Optimum Digestive Health – Pellets yesterday morning around 9am, and I am just so amazed at how quickly the supplements come. Already received from Canpar just now!! I have a terrible memory for supplements, so when they arrive so quickly, my horses never fall off their schedule, it’s truly awesome. Really amazing how quickly you can order and receive the package from Mad Barn.

I do buy the 2.5kg bag, the only down fall is the packaging, I find it really hard to get a full scoop out of the bag because of the way the sides are enclosed. Other than that, I absolutely love supporting this company.

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Optimum Digestive Health Pellets
For the ultimate in digestive health. Balance the microflora and prevent digestive upsets. In "uber palatable" pellets

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