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Abbie Belore - Visceral Testimonial
Abbie Belore
Ontario, Canada
October 1, 2021
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I don't even know where to start! I have owned my 10y/o quarter horse since he was only 4 years old. He was a race horse in Alabama, and was brought to Ontario shortly after his racing career ended. When I first brought him home, we were riding 4-5 days a week which was just enough for him to melt away & lose a lot of weight, even though he was being fed twice a day, and had access to lots of hay. It didn't take long for things to start spiraling downward, and next thing we knew, he was half the horse he was when I bought him. And just to top it off, he couldn't seem to make any friends in any group he was put with, and was constantly beat up. I could tell that he was beyond stressed. I had never owned my own horse before, so it was a whole learning process for me and it was terrifying not knowing how to go about fixing it.

Fast forward a couple years, he had gained a bit of weight back after trying many different supplements & feeding routines. He may have gained some weight, but he was still the same unhappy, touch-me-not horse who, quite honestly, I wasn't sure I could trust around other people while in the cross-ties, or even just in his stall. He was just so on edge and didn't want anyone near him. Eventually I just accepted that this was just the way he was and I'd just have to deal with it.

Fast forward a couple more years, we are now in a new location with a new feeding schedule and a different group of horses, and never gets beat on. He was nearly back up to weight, but still cranky & unmotivated. I called the vet out as I had my suspicions he may have had ulcers. He was put on omeprazole for 30 days, and then I started him on Visceral+. His coat looks great, his feet are great (a whole other struggle we had), his mood changed, and his personality came back after almost 6 years! I cannot thank the Mad Barn team enough for making such amazing products and especially for giving me my horse back.

First pic – April 11, 2021

Abbie Belore - Visceral+ Testimonial

Second pic – September 23, 2021

Abbie Belore - Visceral Testimonial

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