Performance Nutrition Counseling

Not all feeding programs are created equal. Gain a powerful advantage with our high-performance nutrition services and put the most up-to-date research to work for your horse.

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Performance-oriented results
You have a lot to manage as an elite athlete. Put your feeding plan in our expert hands to deliver the performance results you need.
Research-backed strategies
Stay ahead of the competition by deploying cutting-edge scientifically validated feeding practices that give your horse the edge.
Unparalleled expertise
We don’t just understand the science; we pioneer it. Our researchers & nutritionists have published 127 journal articles combined.

Apply to join our Performance Nutrition Program and give your horse a competitive advantage with the latest research-backed feeding strategies. Our team of in-house veterinarians and PhD scientists conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current feeding plan, training regimen, and performance goals.

We then develop a custom nutrition program to optimize your horse’s competition readiness, exercise recovery, and overall health.

Our support doesn’t end there. With ongoing consultations, we’ll track your progress and make adjustments to ensure your horse stays on the path to success.

Get started by applying to join below.