Mad About Horses

Join Dr. Chris Mortensen, PhD on an exciting adventure into the story of the horse and learn how we can make the world a better place for all equines.

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Mad Barn - Equine Nutrition Consultants | Mad Barn Canada
Each week we’re going to cover topics that focus on understanding horses better so we can give them the best possible lives.” – Dr. Chris Mortensen, PhD


Mad About Horses is the definitive podcast for all equine enthusiasts, exploring the history, physiology, behavior and management of the world’s horses.

Presented by Dr. Chris Mortensen, a renowned equine scientist and educator, this podcast will help you understand why your horse is the way they are and how to make the world a better place for all equids.

Whether you’re a professional rider, a horse breeder, or someone who simply loves the sound of hooves on a morning trail, Mad About Horses is your weekly dose of all things equine.

About Dr. Chris Mortensen, PhD

Dr. Chris Mortensen PhD - Director of Education - Mad Barn | Mad Barn CanadaDr. Chris Mortensen has taught more students about the basics of Equine Science than any other professor in the world. Chris is a seasoned podcaster, award-winning educator, and currently serves as the Director of Education for Mad Barn.

Having spent his entire life surrounded by horses, Chris not only brings significant expertise but also a profound passion for these extraordinary animals to every episode.

Dr. Mortensen shares, “Horses are more than just animals; they are our companions, our greatest friends, and a source of inspiration. ‘Mad About Horses’ is a podcast created to connect people with these incredible creatures.