Jiaogulan Extract for HorsesJiaogulan (pronounced Je-ow-gu-laan), also known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum or J-herb is a climbing vine used in horses to support circulation, respiratory health, and muscle function.

Jiaogulan powder has medicinal properties that are similar to Panax Ginseng. This herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to promote vitality. Research shows it may have a similar beneficial effect in horses.

The leaves of the jiaogulan plant contain active ingredients that increase nitric oxide levels in the blood which stimulates blood flow. This helps enhance energy levels, deliver nutrients, oxygen, and immune cells to tissues, and clear away waste products.

In horses, improved blood flow helps tissues like the hooves, tendons, lungs, and muscles recover from illness or damage. By enhancing circulation, jiaogulan can support healthy hooves in horses that are prone to laminitis.

Jiaogulan may also promote respiratory function through increased blood flow and bronchodilation (opening of the airways). Horses with heaves and inflammatory airway disease have been shown to benefit from supplementation with this herb.

Combining jiaogulan with spirulina has been shown to improve respiratory function and exercise performance in equine athletes.

Increasing nitric oxide levels may also support healthy joints and connective tissues, recovery from tendon and ligament injuries, and help to alleviate a stiff gait.

At the doses recommended for horses, jiaogulan is safe with no known toxicity issues or side effects. Horses receiving jiaogulan often have pinker gums and tongue, indicating that an adequate amount has been fed to increase blood flow.

Mad Barn’s bulk Jiaogulan powder contains pure Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaves with no added ingredients. The typical serving size is 2 grams given twice daily. This product should be introduced slowly to minimize avoidance.


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