The FeedBank is a reference database providing nutrition information on components in the equine diet. Listing in the FeedBank does not imply endorsement by Mad Barn.

Low Non-Structural Carbohydrate Feed (LMF Horse Feeds)

Amino AcidAmino Acid
Low NSC FeedsLow NSC Feeds
Mineral BalanceMineral Balance
This feed from LMF Horse Feeds contains low levels of starch and sugar. It is a pelleted feed that is meant to provide minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.
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Nutritional Analysis
Dry Matter
As Fed
Dry matter measures everything in your feed except for the water or moisture content. Because moisture content varies, nutritionists formulate diets on a dry matter basis.
Feeding rate:
Nutrients Concentration Per 1000 g
Digestible EnergyDigestible energy provides an estimate of t