IR Supplement (Mad Barn) – [Discontinued]

Metabolic SyndromeMetabolic Syndrome
IR Supplement from Mad Barn is now available as MagneChrome. The formulation of the product is still the same, designed to support the metabolic health of IR horses.
Mad Barn's Feed Bank provides nutritional profiles on +3,400 forages, feeds and supplements used in the equine diet. With our free diet formulation tool, this data can be used by horse owners and nutritionists to design balanced feeding programs for horses in their care.

IR Supplement from Mad Barn (now sold under the name of MagneChrome) was originally developed as a metabolic support blend to be fed in conjunction with our Omneity mineral and vitamin supplement. MagneChrome is a concentrated, pelleted formula providing high levels of chromium and magnesium.

MagneChrome is designed to help maintain normal glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. It is ideal for horses with metabolic concerns such as insulin resistance, laminitis and Cushing’s Syndrome (PPID).

MagneChrome contains a blend of herbs, natural antioxidants, omega-3 essential fatty acids and minerals designed to support insulin and blood sugar regulation and promote anti-inflammatory pathways.

As an alternative, horses can use our AminoTrace+ supplement, an all-in-one mineral and vitamin formula for horses with metabolic issues.


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  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Supports metabolic health
  • Antioxidant defenses
  • Anti-inflammatory support

Feeding Rate: Feed 20 grams per 100 kg (220 LB) body weight.
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