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AccuLytes Electrolyte Supplement (Vita Flex), , ,
Alfalfa-Maizeâ„¢ Cubes (Ontario Dehy Inc.), ,
Alimet (Liquid Methionine Hydroxy Analogue), , ,
All-Natural Rice Bran Oil (McCauley’s Equine Formulas), ,
Allzyme SSF (Alltech), ,
Amplify High Fat Supplement (Purina Mills),
AniGest Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Supplement (Animed), ,
Apple Chunks (Purina), ,
Apple-A-Day Electrolyte (Finish Line Horse Products), , ,
B.C.A.A Complex Powder (Peak Performance Nutrients), ,
Bio-H (Jaapharm), ,
Bio-Mos (Alltech),
Bioplex Quadra (Alltech),
Biotime® Hoof and Coat Supplement (McCauley’s Equine Formulas), ,
Biotin 220 (Herbs for Horses), ,
BMZ Supplement (Purina), ,
Breathe (Herbs for Horses),
Calf-Manna Performance Supplement (Manna Pro), ,
Camelina Oil (Canpressco), , , ,
Cimetidine, ,
CocoSoya Oil (Uckele Health & Nutrition), ,
Daily Gold Stress Relief (Redmond Equine), ,
E Plus Selenium (Greenline),
Electrovits (Herbs for Horses), ,
Elevate Se (Kentucky Performance Products), , ,
Empower Boost Horse Supplement (Nutrena),
Endurolytes (Herbs for Horses), ,
Equine AntiFlam (Omega Alpha), ,
Equine Certa-Flx Solution, ,
Equine Omega Complete Supplement, , ,
Equine PRO Supplement (PalaMOUNTAINS),
EquinePOWERâ„¢ Horse Weight Gain Supplement, , , ,
Equisel-Lyte (Omega Alpha), , ,
EquiShure (Kentucky Equine Research), ,
Equithrive® Original Joint Powder, ,
Essential K (Tribute Equine Nutrition),
Everyday Gold Daily Electrolyte (TRM), , ,
Farrier’s Formula Double Strength (Life Data Labs),
Farrier’s Formula Hoof Supplement (Life Data Labs),
Fat N’ Fibre Pellets (Davis Feed & Farm Supply), ,
Feisty Mare (Herbs for Horses),
Fermenten (Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition), , ,
Finishing Touch (Masterfeeds),
Fish Oil (Kauffman’s Animal Health),
Forage Extender (Kent Equine),
Fort-EQ – Celebrite (La Coop),
Fortified Pelleted Rice Bran (Legends),
Glycocemic EQ Pellets (Uckele Health & Nutrition),
Grass Plus Vitamin & Mineral Block (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
GROWTH Pelleted Horse Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Growth Pellets (Tribute Equine Nutrition), ,
HealthyCoat – Omega 3 & 6 Liquid Supplement, , ,
Hi Fat Hi Fibre Pellets (Sharpe Farm Supplies), ,
High Point-Grass/Mixed Hay (HorseTech),
Hoof Power (Mustad), ,
HOOFmaster (Herbs for Horses),
Horse Plus Supplement (Purina),
Immune Plus (Omega Alpha), ,
Integral A+ (Alltech), ,
Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser (JUR Equine),
K.I.S. Trace Powder Original (Thorne Bottom Farm),
Legacy (Nutrena),
Levothyroxine, ,
Liberty B1 Mix (Nature Belisle), ,
Liver Flush (Omega Alpha),
Luminance Fortified Equine Conditioning Supplement (Hallway Feeds), ,
Mare’s Match® Foal Transition Pellets (Land O Lakes),
Master’s Hoof Blend (Vita Flex),
Mega E 10,000 Powder (Jaapharm), ,
MSM Plus Joint Supplement (Herbs for Horses),
Nutrequin Classic Formula Supplement (Equistro),
Outlast Gastric Support Supplement (Purina),
Paradox Organic Selenium Supplement (Probiotech), ,
PEDIcare (Herbs for Horses),
Perform ‘N Win Electrolyte (BUCKEYE Nutrition) – [Discontinued], ,
Performance XL: Electrolytes (Mad Barn), ,
Potassium (Jamieson Vitamins), ,
Power Quench Electrolyte Supplement (Strictly Equine), , ,
Prebiotic + Probiotic (Equine Choice),
PreMare (Omega Alpha), ,
Premium Formula (Black’s Feed Supplements),
Pro-Acta H.A. Equine (Integricare Animal Health), ,
Probios Powder (Vets Plus, Inc.),
Professional Farrier’s Choice Hoof Supplement (Vita Stress),
Pulmonaire (Herbs for Horses), ,
Pur-A-Plus (Purina), ,
Pur-Athlete (Purina),
Recovery EQ (Purica Equine), ,
Regenerex (Basic Equine Nutrition),
Remission Hoof Supplement (AniMed), , ,
Renewal (Purica), ,
Respi-Freeâ„¢ (Omega Alpha), ,
RiteTrac (Kentucky Equine Research), ,
Safe ‘N Easy Performance (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Sel-E-nium (Herbs for Horses), ,
Select One Vitamin/Mineral Balancer Pellet (Jones Horse Feeds), ,
Sharpe 13% Oil Sweet (Sharpe Farm Supplies), ,
Smartamine L, , ,
Smartamine M, , ,
SmartLamina Pellets (SmartPak Equine), ,
Summer Games Electrolytes (Kentucky Performance Products), ,
SuperFibra Nature Complement (Purina), ,
Supplement-Supreme (Meunerie Mondou),
Support One (Pureform), ,
Sweet Itch Pellets (Herbs for Horses), ,
Testos Boost (Omega Alpha), ,
Thyro-L – Levothyroxine Sodium Powder (Lloyd Inc.), ,
Tri-Acta H.A. (Integricare), ,
Ultra-Ferron (Univet),
Ultra-Flex (Univet®), ,
Ultra-H (Univet), ,
UN-LOCK Race Performance Powder (BRL Equine), ,
UniFlex – Glucosamine HCL (Golden Horseshoe), ,
Vermont Blend Forage Balancer (Custom Equine Nutrition), , ,
Vermont Blend Pro (Custom Equine Nutrition), , ,
Vita-B1 Crumbles (Pharm-Vet), ,
VITAboost (Herbs for Horses), ,
Vitamin B1 – Thiamine (Herbs for Horses), ,
VTM 20 – Pellet (Masterfeeds),
Wholesome Blendsâ„¢ Balancer (Tribute Equine Nutrition),
Zena-Min Vitamin Mineral Supplement, ,

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