Ingredient - Feed Database



Alimet (Liquid Methionine Hydroxy Analogue), , ,
Apple Cider Vinegar,
At-Ease (Select the Best), ,
Biotin (Vitamin B7),
Bone Meal Steamed,
Calcium Carbonate (Limestone Flour – 38% Ca),
Calcium Chloride Anhydrous,
Calcium Chloride Dihydrate,
Calcium Hydroxide,
Calcium Iodate,
Calcium Oxide,
Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate,
California Trace Pellets, ,
California Trace Plus, ,
Chaste Berry,
Citric Acid
Cobalamin (Vitamin B12),
Cobalt Carbonate,
Cobalt Carbonate Hexahydrate,
Cobalt Dichloride,
Cobalt Sulfate 7H2O,
Cobalt Sulfate H2O,
Copper Carbonate,
Copper Chloride,
Copper Oxide,
Copper Sulfate (5H2O),
Curacao Phosphate,
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root,
Direct Action Supplement (DAC), ,
EDDI (Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide) – Organic Iodine Dextrose,
Equi-Base Grass Pellets (Uckele), ,
Equi-Eez (Purina),
Equi-VM (Uckele), ,
Equi22 (Purina),
EZ-Balance (Purina Canada),
Fermenten (Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition), , ,
Ferrous Carbonate,
Ferrous Sulfate 7H2O,
Ferrous Sulfate H2O,
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9),
Hoof Restore (McIntosh Pro Line), ,
Horse XL (Equinety),
Intensive Care GI (Mcintosh Pro Line), ,
Iron Oxide,
Kelp Meal,
Limestone Dolomite Magnesium,
Limestone Ground,
Lysine Hydrochloride (HCl) – 98.5%,
Mag-Right Nerve Care & Calming Powder (Animed),
Magnesium Carbonate,
Magnesium Chloride,
Magnesium Hydroxide,
Magnesium Oxide (MagOx),
Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts),
Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous,
Manganese Carbonate,
Manganese Chloride 4H2O,
Manganese Chloride Anhydrous,
Manganese Oxide,
Manganese Sulfate,
Manganese Sulfate 5H2O,
Manganese Sulfate H2O,
Mono-Calcium Phosphate,
Monocalcium Phosphate,
Monosodium Phosphate,
MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane (Mad Barn),
Niacin (Vitamin B3),
Oyster Shell – Ground,
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5),
Paradox Organic Selenium Supplement (Probiotech), ,
Phosphate – Defluorinated,
Phosphate – Rock,
Phosphate – Rock Low Fluoride,
Phosphate – Rock Soft,
Phosphoric Acid,
Poly Copper Powder (Uckele Health & Nutrition), ,
Poly Zinc Powder (Uckele Health & Nutrition), ,
Potassium Bicarbonate,
Potassium Carbonate,
Potassium Chloride (KCl) – Red,
Potassium Chloride White,
Potassium Iodide,
Potassium Magnesium Sulfate,
Potassium Sulfate,
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6),
Quiessence – Foxden Equine,
Red Cell (Iron Rich Supplement),
Redmond Conditioner,
Remission Hoof Supplement (AniMed), , ,
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2),
RiteTrac (Kentucky Equine Research), ,
Salt (NaCl),
Smartamine L, , ,
Smartamine M, , ,
Sodium Bentonite,
Sodium Bicarbonate,
Sodium Carbonate H2O,
Sodium Selenate,
Sodium Selenite,
Sodium Selenite 0.1%,
Sodium Sesquicarbonate Refined,
Sodium Sesquicarbonate Unrefined,
Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate (Glauber Salts),
Sodium Tri-Poly Phosphate,
Thiamine (Vitamin B1),
Three Amigos (Mad Barn),
Three Aminoes (Herbs for Horses),
Tricalcium Phosphate,
U-Gard Pellets (MannaPro),
Vermont Blend Forage Balancer (Custom Equine Nutrition), , ,
Vermont Blend Pro (Custom Equine Nutrition), , ,
Vitamin A – 1,000,000 IU/g,
Vitamin C,
Vitamin D3 – 500,000 IU/kg,
Vitamin E 500,000 IU / KG,
Vitamin K (Menadione),
Zinc Carbonate,
Zinc Chloride,
Zinc Oxide,
Zinc Sulfate H2O 89%,

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