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Compare the nutritional composition of different horse feeds to select the right feed for your equine companion.

Feed Name Brand Type ID Protein Fat ADF NDF NSC DE Lys Met Thr Ca P Mg K S Na Cl Fe Zn Cu Mn Se Co I Bio Vit A Vit D Vit E
Commercial Feed Pelleted Canada United States Adult Horses Manna Pro 52334412.22%3.33%>31.11%>48.89%-->2.61 mcal/kg>4.5%>1.5%>3.1%>1.11%>0.56%------>0.11%>0.17 ppm-->88.89 ppm>22.22 ppm-->0.22 ppm------>4.9 KIU-->48.99 KIU
Performance Horse Commercial Protein Feed Fat Textured Matrix Canada 46211013.33%13.33%>16.5%>24.75%-->4.22 mcal/kg>4.3%>1.5%>2.5%>1.22%>0.78%------>0.53%---------->0.91 ppm---->0.75 ppm>19.56 KIU>2.11 KIU>372.22 KIU
Complete Textured United States Performance Horse Advantage Edge Commercial Feed Fiber 72780113.3%6.7%>20.63%>56.9%-->2.75 mcal/kg>0%>0%-->1.5%>0.7%------------>148.2 ppm---->0.94 ppm------>6.1 KIU-->268.9 KIU
Commercial Feed Pelleted United States Senior Horses Moore Power 65307013.3%8.9%>16.5%>44%>15%>3.05 mcal/kg>3.8%>1.5%>2.5%>1.2%>0.6%-->0.8%-->0.2%>0.3 ppm-->66.7 ppm>22.2 ppm-->0.44 ppm------>7.3 KIU----
Fiber Masterfeeds Canada Performance Horse Commercial Feed 7173213.89%7.78%>13.2%>16.5%>46.15%>4.36 mcal/kg>4.64%>1.6%>4.2%>0.83%>0.56%>0.22%>1.5%>0.3%>0.39%>0.57 ppm>600 ppm>111.11 ppm>44.44 ppm>88.89 ppm>0.5 ppm>1 ppm>1.4 ppm>1.28 ppm>12.56 KIU>1.25 KIU>277.78 KIU
Fiber Textured Sweet Feed Sweet Country Feeds Commercial Protein Feed 52254713.33%4.44%>22.22%>35.56%-->2.96 mcal/kg>6.67%>2.09%>4.71%>0.78%>0.44%-->1.11%-->0.22%>0.34 ppm-->66.67 ppm