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Maya Lamabe
April 10, 2024
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

My two geldings have been on the same supplements from MadBarn for almost 3 years, I’ve tried other companies that people have raved about but none of them compare to MadBarn. Their pricing for products is actually something that I can regularly afford, as well as the results are to die for!!!!! My senior gelding has kissing spine and some early-onset arthritis i find that the w-3 oil and MSM help tremendously with it. I use the spirulina to help with allergies for both geldings along with a few other products. I have a 5% off code in my Instagram bio you find me at Maya__eqq. Definitely give this company a shot you will not be upset.



Maya Lamabe
Lexi 2
Michelle VanderVlis
March 20, 2024

About a month ago I rescued a filly. She was INCREDIBLY malnourished and had 3 different skin infections. She was dehydrated, starving, anemic, had bots and worms, and could barely stand. I started her on a high fibre diet and slowly introduced her to Mad Barn. Now I already feed Mad Barn to my other healthy horses but I was NOT prepared for what your products could really do to a sick sick horse. It’s been ONE month and the change is SO drastic it has people scratching there heads!!!! My filly Lexi is almost 75% healed. We are still working on her weight but she gains everyday. She also DOES not have water poops anymore. All of the products she’s on has healed her skin and tummy in just a month! We’re not done yet but I just had to share with you what we are going through and how your products have saved my filly. No drugs were ever needed besides wormer and I am over joyed to see her healing and happy. Thank you again for such a wonderful product.

Michelle VanderVlisMichelle VanderVlis
Mad Barn Supplment Review
Phyllis Brooks
March 14, 2024
British Columbia

Last august his hoof kind of fell apart, I ordered my first bag of Omneity and the results are amazing. Here is a picture from last October…was worse in august but didn’t keep the picture…it was too disturbing..this is October and healing ..the last picture is this January.

So relieved and grateful…for this product and for a good farrier who worked hard to help his hoof.



Phyllis BrooksPhyllis Brooks
January 30, 2024

Your products have made a world difference for my horses!

Shelby Tosh - Sonium Training
Shelby Tosh
January 9, 2024
Oliver, BC
Sonium Training

Hey guys, I’m Shelby Tosh, owner of Sonium Training here in Oliver, BC, and I want to share my experience with Mad Barn. Their remarkable products have made a significant difference in the health and performance of my horses.

As an industry professional, I’m always searching for ways to optimize my horse’s well -being and enhance their performance. Mad Barn has proven to be an invaluable addition to my horse’s diet, providing them with the essential nutrients they need for optimal health.

Their supplements are specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of horses by providing them with a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and other key ingredients. Mad Barn supplements have become an integral part of my horse’s nutrition regimen, making it a brand I highly recommend to fellow equestrians.

With Mad Barn, you can provide your horse with the targeted nutrition they need to thrive and excel.

Shelby Tosh
Melanie O'Brien
January 8, 2024

My mare will be 28 years old this year, and I wanted to share some before/after pictures of her. She has been on Mad Barn products for about a year and a half. (Omneity, Visceral+ and w-3 Oil) She also gets regular body work, feet done, saddle fit etc. These pictures were taken by her massage therapist.

Melanie O’BrienMelanie O’Brien
December 13, 2023

Best horse supplements

Tanya Dehmer
December 7, 2023
Waddell, Arizona

We are in our second month of feeding Omneity and my horse is thriving! His coat is always shinny, his mane and tail are super soft and he eats every bite! Previously we tried Platinum Performance (really bad gas), Arizona Copper Complete (wouldn’t eat it) and Farriers Formula (he loved it, but it’s not a stand alone vitamin supplement). I absolutely LOVE Omneity pellets and the Probiotic that was included with my purchase. Thanks Mad Barn!!!❤️

Tanya Dehmer
November 18, 2023

My 18 year old mare has been on AminoTrace+ for about 4 months now will be keeping her on it. My farrier and I both agree her feet have recovered nicely. Great frogs and hoof. Her weight is also great, wasn’t really too bad before but she’s got a great body shape. Had to get her front feet done every 3weeks for awhile. Blood work was done in October and all was normal. We thought she may have something going on metabolically. Been eating AminoTrace+ with no problem since day one. I was very lucky. Thank you. Picture 1 did have a couple of trims before I thought about taking pictures. They were inflamed and very sore.

Kaaren YoungLebert
November 16, 2023
New Brunswick, Canada

I just wanted to pass on how pleased I am to see my 31 yo Morab looking as good as he ever has. I spoke with one of your nutritionists in January and we made some changes to his diet. I had him on W3 oil for 3 months. He now gets MSM and Omneity added to his diet.

Kaaren YoungLebert
Abbey Merry
November 15, 2023
Lyndon, Ontario

Love your products. Both of our horses are currently on some of your products and love them.

Abbey MerryAbbey Merry
Wendy Green
Wendy Green
November 13, 2023
Bewdley Ontario

Love Mad Barn products

Wendy GreenWendy Green
Ashley 1
November 12, 2023

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it, but MadBarn Probiotics are well worth the hype! I’ve seen impressive results with suspected faecal water syndrome, and just generally improved manure consistency.

November 12, 2023
Tottenham, Ontario

I love my horse