Scott Cieslar & Informed Equestrian Discuss Meeting your Horse’s Nutritional Needs

By |2021-07-08T21:07:32-05:00July 8th, 2021|Mad Barn|

Scott Cieslar of Mad Barn recently appeared on the Canada Horse Podcast by Informed Equestrian to discuss the ins and outs of equine nutrition. Scott chatted with hosts Nikki and Nadine about the horses’ core nutritional needs and how to design a forage-first feeding plan that is appropriate for pleasure horses all the way to performance athletes.

Scott Cieslar Talks Equine Nutrition on the Springen EQ Podcast

By |2021-05-31T11:43:42-05:00May 16th, 2021|Mad Barn|

Mad Barn founder Scott Cieslar sat down with Jess Einwechter of Springen EQ to cover some hot topics in equine nutrition. Jess is a professional rider and coach from Ontario, Canada and the host of the popular Springen Equestrian podcast. In this episode, Scott and Jess discuss the importance of a forage-first feeding program for your horse, how to reduce equine ulcers, and how to support your horse's joint health.