Acute Laminitis in Horses – A Review of Treatments for the Condition

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Acute laminitis refers to the first few days of a laminitis episode during which clinical signs are observed. Laminitis is a painful condition that causes damage to the hoof laminae, which anchor the coffin bone to the hoof wall.

Emergency Protocol for Laminitis in Horses – Treatment & Prognosis

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If your horse is showing signs of acute laminitis, they require emergency veterinary attention and prompt treatment. Laminitis affects the soft structures of the equine hoof, known as the laminae, and can cause significant pain and lameness.

Top 17 Risk Factors for Laminitis in Horses [+ How to Prevent]

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Laminitis Signs Risk Factors Genetics Diet PPID Weight Gain Injury & Stall Rest One in ten horses is affected by laminitis each year. This painful condition involves inflammation of the [...]

Winter Laminitis in Horses: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment [Overview]

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Winter Laminitis Signs Causes Diagnosis Treatment Prevention Winter laminitis is a circulatory condition that causes sore hooves in horses exposed to cold temperatures. Horses affected by winter laminitis have impaired [...]

14 Early Warning Signs of Laminitis in Horses [Countdown]

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Hot hooves, a sawhorse stance, severe lameness; these are all signs of laminitis - one of the most dreaded equine conditions for good reason. In severe instances, laminitis can lead to euthanasia of the horse. Laminitis occurs when there is separation in the laminae of the hoof — where the hoof wall is connected to the coffin bone. It can occur in one or multiple hooves at the same time.