Want an easy and convenient way to learn more about horses? Nothing is better than a podcast for immersing yourself in equine education while you’re on the go.

Hundreds of free horse podcasts are available online, covering nearly every topic related to horse health, management, training and more. From barrel racing to equine business, and clicker training to retired racehorses, there’s a show tailored to every interest.

It can be hard to find time to fit everything in when you spend long days at the barn. But podcasts let you learn while mucking stalls, cleaning tack, driving to shows, or even riding your horse.

The best horse podcasts often feature interviews with top equine professionals, share inspirational stories, cover the latest industry news, and take deep dives into equine science.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of the top 101 horse podcasts for you to listen to. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular podcasts in every category, and check them out on your favorite streaming platform.

Educational Horse Podcasts

These educational horse podcasts help owners improve their understanding of the science behind horse care, nutrition, management, and training. Many feature conversations with leading equine scientists about their research, providing valuable insights and advice for both novice and seasoned horse owners.

1. Mad About Horses

Mad About Horses is the definitive podcast for all equine enthusiasts who want to learn more about their horses. This podcast explores the history, physiology, behaviour, and management of horses with Dr. Chris Mortensen, Ph.D., an award-winning equine scientist, educator, and podcaster.

Mad About Horses is dedicated to making the world a better place for all horses by increasing access to high-quality free equine education. Episodes cover diverse topics from the ancient history of horse domestication to the latest advances in equine research.

This podcast is for anyone who wants to better understand the horses in their lives, whether you’re an owner, professional rider, breeder, or simply a horse lover.

Mad About Horses
Join Dr. Chris Mortensen, PhD on an exciting adventure into the story of the horse and learn how we can make the world a better place for all equines.
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Mad Barn - Equine Nutrition Consultants | Mad Barn Canada

2. Mad Barn Academy

The Mad Barn Academy Podcast allows horse owners and riders to learn about equine nutrition, health, and welfare topics in an accessible audio format.

Episodes cover topics featured in Mad Barn Academy articles, discussing science-backed feeding and management strategies to support your horse’s performance and well-being. Veterinarians, researchers and equine nutritionists review all content published on the blog.

Want to learn more? You can find the latest research-based information on even more horse management, nutrition, and equine health subjects in articles from Mad Barn Academy.

3. Horse Tip Daily

Horse Tip Daily is a short podcast that fits tips and information from top industry professionals into your daily routine. Listeners can learn tips about various equine topics from a new expert almost daily on this show from Horse Radio Network.

4. Equine Innovators

Hosted by the editors of The Horse, Equine Innovators interviews University of Kentucky equine researchers to discuss how the latest science impacts how we care for and understand our horses.

5. Conversations in Equine Science

In this podcast, equine scientists Kate Acton and Nancy McLean discuss recently published research studies to help bridge the gap between horse owners and the scientific community. Listen to Conversations in Equine Science on Spotify.

6. Pony Club Podcast

As the official podcast of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc., the Pony Club Podcast connects one of the world’s most well-respected equine education organizations with listeners of all ages.

Equestrian Lifestyle Podcasts

Podcasts dedicated to the equestrian lifestyle podcasts a variety of topics related to the equine industry for entertainment or educational purposes. Episodes that include interviews with different equestrians, the latest industry news stories, and thought-provoking conversations.

7. Horses in the Morning

Horses in the Morning is a leading daily podcast for horse lovers. The hosts lead a light, entertaining look at the horse world and horse people with unique segments, exciting guests, training tips, listener call-ins, contests, and more.

8. Equestrian Voices

Equestrian Voices from Noelle Floyd delves into the stories, emotions, and lives of the equestrian world. This podcast isn’t afraid to cover everything we don’t talk about in equestrian life and often features insightful, vulnerable, human conversation with riders of all backgrounds.

9. The Equestrian Podcast

The Equestrian Podcast started as a way for host Bethany Lee to talk to interesting people and top professionals from throughout the horse world and has grown into one of the most listened-to podcasts in the industry.

Check out Bethany’s interview with Mad Barn founder Scott Ciesler in episode 196.

10. Heels Down Happy Hour

Heels Down Happy Hour is a fun podcast from Heels Down Spark, which also publishes a daily equestrian newsletter. Episodes feature informative discussions about the horse world in an informal setting where guests often share recipes for their favourite beverages.

11. The Horse & Hound Podcast

In this podcast from a prolific equestrian publication, Horse & Hound editors host interviews with leading equestrian figures and panel discussions on the most pressing topics in the horse world that week. Find The Horse & Hound Podcast on Apple Podcasts or y