About Kelly Hebner, BSc (Kin), MSc

Kelly has been working as a professional in the horse industry since the age of 20. She has successfully married her Master`s degree in neuroscience with her many years of managing performance horses, and now is a lecturer and Facilities Coordinator for the Equine Care and Management program at the University of Guelph-Ridgetown. Once an eventer, Kelly now focuses on dressage and foxhunting while campaigning her hunter mare. She is looking forward to developing her Knabstrupper colt for the dressage ring and is always sharing her journey into advanced horse care with her students.

Lameness Exams & Scale: How to Diagnose a Lame Horse

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Lameness is a general term that refers to a horse with an abnormal gait or stance. This is a common issue that requires assessment by a veterinarian to determine the cause and best course of action. Common causes of lameness include strain or injury, acute or chronic laminitis, genetic traits, infection, metabolic issues, or neural disorders.

14 Tips for Feeding & Caring for Horses in Hot Weather – [Summer Guide]

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With higher temperatures in the summertime, horses are prone to heat stress. This can contribute to an increased risk of colic, ulcers, weight loss, fatigue and dehydration during this time of year. Horse owners should be vigilant for signs their horse is overheated.

Sucralfate for Horses with Ulcers: How it Works & When to Use

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Sucralfate is an FDA-approved drug for use in humans that is used off-label for the treatment of equine gastric and hindgut ulcers. It is typically used in conjunction with omeprazole. Sucralfate (Carafate® Sulcrate®) helps to protect the lining of the stomach and colon, reducing pain and allowing ulcers to heal without sustaining further damage.

Joint Injections for Horses: How they Work & When to Use

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Joint Injections Medications Treatments Hyaluronic acid Procedure Aftercare Risks Adjunct Therapies Joint wear and tear is a part of every equine athlete's life. As your horse ages, joints naturally become [...]